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New 4tet with

- Jean-Lou Descamps Violin/Electronics

- Daniel Beaussier Woodwinds

- Pierre Marcault Percussion

New CD available on the legendary French Label Futura/Marge

For (and more) Futura Son 07

Listen to some excerpts on the Discography page

Buy on the Futura Store or on BandCamp

And still available "Et Après ?" on the label Great Winds Label /dist. MUSEA Réf.GW3162.

Listen to some excerpts on the Discography page

Disponible directement sur le store de MUSEA, dans les magazins FNAC, Cultura, Gibert,...sur Amazon, iTunes Store,, Spotify....

For (And More)

Here is some very good new music.

Daniel Beaussier & Manu Pékar – For (and more) (Futura Records)

"The duo of wind instrumentalist Daniel Beaussier and guitarist Manu Pékar chose about a third of the seventy brief improvisations they recorded together, and considering how enjoyable those included turned out, it leaves me wondering what got left on the cutting room floor.  Beaussier utilizes a nifty array of instruments, including oboe, bass clarinet and English horn, and Pékar’s choice of guitar does an admirable job of complementing each one.  The grinding “Robert F” and chaotic “Bruno M” show the musicians are willing and able to jack up the temperature, but for the most part, this album consists of contemplative pieces that aren’t necessarily always tranquil, but definitely instill an ambiance that could lead to all kinds of potent daydream imagery.  Jean-Lou Deschamps and Pierre Marcault add some violin, effects and percussion, adding texture to a canvas that had plenty to begin."

Dave Sumner - 2017