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February 2018 : Tommy Smith with the Bulgarian Radio Big Band plays

my arrangement of «Acknlowledgement» from John Coltrane’s «A Love Supreme»

Listen to it here

New CD "Pagan Panic"


- Jean-Lou Descamps Violin/Electronics

- Daniel Beaussier Woodwinds

- Pierre Marcault Percussion

Previous CD "For (and more)" published on the legendary French label Futura/Marge

Ref Futura Son 07 still availble on BandCamp

Listen to a few exerpts on the Discography page

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For (And More)

Here is some very good new music.

Daniel Beaussier & Manu Pékar – For (and more) (Futura Records)

"The duo of wind instrumentalist Daniel Beaussier and guitarist Manu Pékar chose about a third of the seventy brief improvisations they recorded together, and considering how enjoyable those included turned out, it leaves me wondering what got left on the cutting room floor.  Beaussier utilizes a nifty array of instruments, including oboe, bass clarinet and English horn, and Pékar’s choice of guitar does an admirable job of complementing each one.  The grinding “Robert F” and chaotic “Bruno M” show the musicians are willing and able to jack up the temperature, but for the most part, this album consists of contemplative pieces that aren’t necessarily always tranquil, but definitely instill an ambiance that could lead to all kinds of potent daydream imagery.  Jean-Lou Deschamps and Pierre Marcault add some violin, effects and percussion, adding texture to a canvas that had plenty to begin."

Dave Sumner - 2017

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(listen to the music on BandCamp and on the Discography page)

The Far East Suite composed by Duke Ellington live @ Reims on oct 16th 2018

Pagan Panic is "Best of 2018 #19"

on the Bird Is The Worm web site

Thanks to Dave Sumner !!!

The lyricism of this recording borders on the epic, which in itself makes Pagan Panic pretty damn special.  But the casual ease in which it’s offered up makes for a contrast in expression that puts this recording on an entirely different plateau.  Some albums have an emotional impact of such strength that it elicits the feeling of having undergone a journey, of experienced an arc not unlike a storybook character.  The 2018 release from Manu Pékar is one such example, and one of the best to see the light of day in 2018.

Dave Sumner -2019- Best Album of 2018. #19

Pagan Panic is "Album of the Day"

on the Bird Is The Worm web site

What I like about it:  I adore how immensely expressive this music is, even though it frequently adopts a laid back delivery… in that way a storyteller can instill a sense of the epic from the casual surroundings of a campfire setting and with a voice that matches the calmness of the flickering flames.  I like how the string quartet sometimes enhances the folk music qualities, sometimes adds a graceful chamber presence, and sometimes takes flight in a way that transcends both influences.  I like how this album exhaustively spans the gamut of emotions, and, yet, in the end, reaches its conclusion sooner than I’d like and leaves me wanting more.  I have been addicted to this recording from the very start, and that addiction hasn’t faded even a little bit.